Lizzy Waronker   

 Lizzy Waronker is an American artist  
 who lives and works in Los Angeles. 

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Los Angeles-based artist, Lizzy Waronker, specializes in assemblage, exploring mythologies – often in miniature – and postmodern reclaiming. Drawing on childhood explorations in her family’s labyrinthine New England home, she injects a surprising amount of detail into her three-dimensional worlds. Waronker has confronted scales large and small in her exhibitions, often placing Lilliputian sculptures in over-sized environment installations. She summons personal, as well as cultural, experience to conjure Gothic American tapestries of chaotic yet cohesive folklore. Primarily self-taught, she finds inspiration in nature, the discards of others, and decomposition caused by neglect and time. She has shown in galleries throughout Los Angeles since 2009, and will have her first solo show in May 2011 at Caporale Bleicher Gallery in Hollywood.

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