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Bat For Lashes duet with Beck on new Twilight film soundtrack

Bat for Lashes has collaborated with Beck on a track exclusively for the new Twilight film Eclipse. The song ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is drenched in Beck’s signature lo-fi electronics, with both Bat and Beck duetting Natasha’s passionate lyrics over atmospheric synths and dramatic beats. The full soundtrack will be available on Atlantic from 8 June, with the film itself on general release from 30 June.

3 Responses to “Bat For Lashes duet with Beck on new Twilight film soundtrack”

  1. Izzy says:

    Twilight? Seriously? First Thome Yorke and now Beck? Twilight? My God…

  2. electro articles says:

    well this was basically very awesome, cheers for your great read :-P � Hope my articles are as good as yours

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