The Information Cover

The Information (2006)

  1. Elevator Music
  2. Think I’m in Love
  3. Cellphone’s Dead
  4. Strange Apparition
  5. Soldier Jane
  6. Nausea
  7. Dark Star
  8. Movie Theme
  9. We Dance Alone
  10. No Complaints
  11. 1000 BPM
  12. Motorcade
  13. The Information
  14. New Round
  15. Landslide
  16. Exoskeleton
  17. This Girl That I Know
  18. Inside Out
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Alternative content

horrible fanfare

ashes of ancientsĀ 
the nations repainted
the chain gangĀ chatelaineĀ 
changing the station
the theme song playing
the anthem of normal
the horrible fanfare
the horns get distorted
on a public announcement
the towns are impounded
where order resounded
cowards towered around it
power line buzzards
surveilling the night
talons in flight
the fake horizons ignite

banality lives where hysteria kills
civilian jungles with malaria pills
animals bleed to buy a star from the night
avenue kids wear a scar like a stripe
send up a signal to the heavenly rescue
when the poison’s coming from the person you’re next to
let the voltage of thought pull the plug from the wound
cos if the soul is a symptom the condition is you