The Information Cover

The Information (2006)

  1. Elevator Music
  2. Think I’m in Love
  3. Cellphone’s Dead
  4. Strange Apparition
  5. Soldier Jane
  6. Nausea
  7. Dark Star
  8. Movie Theme
  9. We Dance Alone
  10. No Complaints
  11. 1000 BPM
  12. Motorcade
  13. The Information
  14. New Round
  15. Landslide
  16. Exoskeleton
  17. This Girl That I Know
  18. Inside Out
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Alternative content


we know its a letterbomb hand me down
this thought is a perjury blindfold
when she crawls from the himalayan highway rain 
with her birds of prey and her weapons on the fire    

she’s riding a land slide down to me
she’s cutting the shackles off of me
she’s shaking the dead birds from the trees
she’s takin the only air i breathe

iron lungs and a plate glass sermon
don’t call it death on the installment plan

she pulling the armor from my back
and raking the coals over the tracks
and taking the knife out from the stack 
she’s bringing the blood that i had back

she’s coming to see its all a sin
coming to see the sun again
coming to wash it off again
coming to see her self again