In tribute to Alex Chilton, found a live cover of ‘Kangaroo’ from the Sea Change tour in Japan and another performed on the BBC in 2003. Must have played this song on stage a 100 times. One of my favorite songs from one of the best songwriters who ever lived.–Beck


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  1. Beck says:

    [...] Alex Chilton [...]

  2. Dave says:

    Lovely cover

  3. Beck & Co., you are right. This is an amazing love song. It eschews the traditional kinda-fake song romance for some very strong and real images and ideas… these things might actually happen to one of us. I’m glad you played it 100+ times. Thanks Alex Chilton. Thanks Beck.

  4. [...] fuçando no site do Beck, vi a pequena homenagem que ele fez ao Alex Chilton, descrevendo “Kangaroo” (abaixo em duas versões, uma no [...]

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