A thruway from the external to the internal, in tribute to California bred composer Harry Partch’s concept of ‘Corporeality’— the integration of the body with all art forms. The song uses a 43 tone scale in reference to Partch’s innovations with alternate tonalities. A peregrination across disparate territory to ascertain an unassumed frame of reference.


Harry Partch

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I’m wandering, wandering
wither I go…

Quadrangularis Reversum Kithara
Zoomoozophone Zymo-xyl
Mazda Marimba Zoroastrian Z
Chromolodeon Cloud Chamber Bowl
a portmanteau of color and chrome
the curse of the crow
the nimbus is null

suitcase sky and you’re marching down
your ticker tape and your old parade
your old grey jacket is hanging in threads
your grizzled brow furrowed in the sun

watch your back
and stack your hack
your mailman is punching back
your train goes click clack clack

make your orchestra out of the debris of the evening
fishing out from the gutter all your gold and grey graffiti

I crack the frozen ice
a 100 bells chime
a 1000 birds fall on a regiment of lies
chrome crack and rattle shadow
shake the bell tree
through rack and rain and ruin
wither I go

The sound becomes my body and my body is the sound
The sound becomes my body and my body is the sound
The sound becomes my body and my body is the sound

from chicago to barstow, o barstow

everybody needs a shopping bag
and a world war for an encore

21/3 X 21/4 = 21/3+1/4 = 23/12+4/12 = 27/12

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  1. Aurelia says:

    What do the numbers mean? They don’t look like any of Partch’s ratios that I recognize . . .

  2. Justin Bieber could well be my favorite! He is extremely cool!

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