Midnite Vultures 10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Midnite Vultures. Released in the weeks leading up to the Y2K scare, while Nu Metal and Boy Bands were storming the charts, the record was a satirically bent experiment in R & B, funk, and general millennial weirdness, as well as anticipating some of the 80′s revival to come in the next decade.

With artwork designed by Eye from the band the Boredoms and freak out videos referencing Japanese children’s show, William Klein and men’s support groups, the album launched a two year tour extravaganza that combined an R & B soul review with Fluxus performance art and a road side accident site.

We’ve added the album to our music page Collected Works. This week we’ll be putting up videos, rare b-sides and other surprises commemorating the anniversary.

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