No 11: Broken Glass Blues

Jay Reatard- Night Of Broken Glass
Old Time Relijun- King Of Nothing
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band- Safe As Milk
Bob Log III- Rattler
Pussy Galore- Nyc 1999
Jay Reatard- All Over Again
The Black Keys- The Desperate Man
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band- Ella Guru
Lord buckley- The Nazz
Old Time Relijun- Your Mama Used To Dance
Black Mountain- Bicyle Man
Howlin Wolf- Moanin’ At Midnight
Q’65- Get Out Of My Live, Woman
Royal Trux- The Flag
Oneida- Luxury Travel
The Black Lips- Veni Vidi Vici
All-Time Quarterback- Plans Get Complex
Entrance- Train Is Leaving
Blind Willie Johnson- You’ll Need Somebody On Your Bond
Gun Club- Promise Me
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Blind Lemon Jefferson
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Master-Dik
Butthole Surfers- Graveyard
Royal Trux- I’m Ready
The White Stripes- Broken Bricks
The Kills- Fried My Little Brains
Bob Log III- Boob Scotch

3 Responses to “No 11: Broken Glass Blues”

  1. ghostdogg says:

    hi this was awesome

  2. Matt says:

    Is it still possible to hear this?

  3. Sparkalot says:

    Why can’t I hear this one??

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