No. 6: Weird Soliloquy

An extended mixtape of people speaking to themselves, some one or no one in particular. Nocturnal expositions, digressions over music, confessions, and chinese whispers. So⋅lil⋅o⋅quy –noun 1. an utterance or speech by a person who is talking to himself or herself or is disregardful of or oblivious to any hearers present.

Lee Hazlewood- I’m Glad I Never…
Uri Geller- Velvet Space
Gary Wilson- Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
Arabian Prince- Let’s Hit The Beach
Holger Czukay- Cool in the pool
Hildegard Knef- Holiday Time Ross
Johnson with Ron Franklin
Ross Johnson- You Talk I Listen
Gary Wilson- Chromium Bitch
Uri Geller- Come On Love
Lee Hazelwood- If It’s Monday Morning
Moldy Peaches- These Burgers
Quazar- One World Family Sound
Tom Waits- The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Ken Nordine- Adult Kindergarten
The Time- Chili Sauce
Baris Manco- Kayalarin Oglu
Uri Geller- Come On Love
Gary Wilson- I Wanna Lose Control
Ken Nordine- I Used To Think My Right
Hand Was Uglier Than My Left Ken Nordine- Hunger Is From
Moldy Peaches- D.2. Boyfriend
Tom Waits- What’s He Building In There
Gary Wilson- 6.4 = Make Out
Bruce Perry- Daddy’s Curses*
Tom Waits- Whats He Building
Uri Geller- Come On Love

*Daddy’s Curses is a rare home tape recorded by Bruce’s 14 year old son in 1987. Its the disturbingly funny ranting of a father working in the garage, cussing incessantly at his frustration. Here is a link to experience the full verbal assault.

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