No. 13: Der Computer

No. 12: ‘Percussions’

An exercise in reduction, this mix contains only voice and percussion, inspired by recordings in which the song has been stripped to it’s skeletal form.

No 11: Broken Glass Blues

Jay Reatard- Night Of Broken Glass
Old Time Relijun- King Of Nothing
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band- Safe As Milk
Bob Log III- Rattler
Pussy Galore- Nyc 1999
Jay Reatard- All Over Again
The Black Keys- The Desperate Man
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band- Ella Guru
Lord buckley- The Nazz
Old Time Relijun- Your Mama Used To Dance
Black Mountain- Bicyle Man
Howlin Wolf- Moanin’ At Midnight
Q’65- Get Out Of My Live, Woman
Royal Trux- The Flag
Oneida- Luxury Travel
The Black Lips- Veni Vidi Vici
All-Time Quarterback- Plans Get Complex
Entrance- Train Is Leaving
Blind Willie Johnson- You’ll Need Somebody On Your Bond
Gun Club- Promise Me
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Blind Lemon Jefferson
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Master-Dik
Butthole Surfers- Graveyard
Royal Trux- I’m Ready
The White Stripes- Broken Bricks
The Kills- Fried My Little Brains
Bob Log III- Boob Scotch

No 10: Cable Access In Excelsis

Indian Jewelry- Bird Is Broke (Won’t Sing)
Jan Jelinek- Lithiummelodie
Street Horrrsing- Bright Tomorrow
Atlas Sound- Walkabout (w_ Noah Lennox)
The Archies- Sugar, Sugar
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Cue
Major Lazer- Hold The Line feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold
Altair Nouveau- Cosmos
Erotic Drum Band- Touch Me Where It’s Hot
Arm Of Roger- I Like Lo-Fi Recordings
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- Cable Access Follies
The Books- That Right Ain’t Shit
Iggy Pop- No Sense Of Crime
Fela Kuti- Monkey Banana
The Green Arrows- Towering Inferno
Lene Lovich- Be Stiff
The Fall- DKTR Faustus
Arm Of Roger- Robot Escort
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- Life In L.A
Sound Factory- Let’s Go
The Frequency- You’re the Perfect Size
Indian Jewelry- Temporary Famine Ship

No. 9: Sapphire Metallic And Silicone For Michael Jackson

Lo Borges- Toda Essa Agua
The Clash- Silicone On Sapphire
Animal Collective- Another White Singer
Siouxsie & the Banshees- Into The Light
Bat For Lashes- Glass
St. Vincent- Now, Now
Dirty Projectors- Stillness Is The move
Pattern is Movement- Trolley Friend
Mouse On Mars- Diskdusk
Compiuters- Punky Rap Synthetizers
Cocteau Twins- Peppermint Pig
Clear Light- Street Singer
Alex Chilton- Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
Spoon- Metal Detektor
The Sea and Cake- Lightning
Paulo Bagunca- Microfones Metalicos
Miles Davis- Right Off (Take 12)
Minutemen- Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
DJ Shadow- Why Hip Hop Sucks In ’96
Warren G- This D.J.
Darkel- Bathroom Spirit
Department Of Eagles- Balmy Night
Paulo Bagunca- Cristina

No. 8: Xerox Passion

Antipop Consortium- Ping Pong
Berry Lipman & Orchestra- Super Blocking
The Afternoon Delights- General Hospi-Tale
Delawere- Boing Boom Tschak
Outkast- SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Aguaturbia- Erótica
Dakar & Grinser- I Wanna Be Your Dog
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- Georgia
Cassiano- Calcada
Affinity- I Am And So Are You
Deerhoof- Milk Man
Aphex Twin- Milkman
Harry Nilsson- Mr. Richland’s Fav. Song
Affinity- I Am The Walrus
Adam Ant- Zerox
Apple Pie Motherhood Band- Grandmother Hooker
The Kinks- Brain Washed
Affinity- United States Of Mind
The Action- Brain
Ron Geesin- Whirls Of Brain
David Bowie- Lady Grinning Soul
The Fiery Furnaces- Birdie Brain
Boredoms- Mama Brain
Devo- S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
Funkadelic- Maggot Brain
Vic Chestnutt- (It’s No Secret) Satisfaction
Sly & The Family Stone- My Brain (Zig-Zag)
De La Soul- Brain Washed Follower
Ween- Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
Ghost Blazer- Don’t Stop
The Action- Things You Cannot See
AGF- Unknown
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- The Beginning And The End
Harry Nilsson- Bath

No. 7: Summer Tapes

summer summer summer summer summer…

Colleen- Summer Water
Jens Lekman- Another Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill
Lee Hazlewood- Summer Nights
Al Green- Feels Like Summer
Love- Bummer In The Summer
Brave Belt- Summer Soldier
Marc Bolan & T Rex- Celebrate Summer
Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues
The Who- Summertime Blues
Guitar Wolf- Summertime Blues
Outsiders- Summertime Blues
Blue Cheer- Summertime Blues
Alex Chilton- Summertime Blues
Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues
Jens Lekman- A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill
Michael Kelly Brewer- I Survived The South Bass Island Summer Of 82
Belle & Sebastian- A Summer Wasting
Ross Johnson- Theme From A Summer Place
Rob Crow- Over the Summer
Girl Talk- Summer Smoke
Lee Hazlewood- Summer Wine
Little Free Rock- Roman Summer Nights
Grandaddy- Summer Here Kids
Beat Happening- Indian Summer
Girl Talk- Summer Smoke
Caural- Summer On Cassette
Prince- Sex In The Summer
Jimi Hendrix- Long Hot Summer Night
Of Montreal- Oslo In The Summertime
Pavement- Summer Babe
R. Kelly- Summer Bunnies
Curtis Mayfield- Summer Hot
YACHT- Summer Song
ABBA- Summer Night City
Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes

No. 6: Weird Soliloquy

An extended mixtape of people speaking to themselves, some one or no one in particular. Nocturnal expositions, digressions over music, confessions, and chinese whispers. So⋅lil⋅o⋅quy –noun 1. an utterance or speech by a person who is talking to himself or herself or is disregardful of or oblivious to any hearers present.

Lee Hazlewood- I’m Glad I Never…
Uri Geller- Velvet Space
Gary Wilson- Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach
Arabian Prince- Let’s Hit The Beach
Holger Czukay- Cool in the pool
Hildegard Knef- Holiday Time Ross
Johnson with Ron Franklin
Ross Johnson- You Talk I Listen
Gary Wilson- Chromium Bitch
Uri Geller- Come On Love
Lee Hazelwood- If It’s Monday Morning
Moldy Peaches- These Burgers
Quazar- One World Family Sound
Tom Waits- The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Ken Nordine- Adult Kindergarten
The Time- Chili Sauce
Baris Manco- Kayalarin Oglu
Uri Geller- Come On Love
Gary Wilson- I Wanna Lose Control
Ken Nordine- I Used To Think My Right
Hand Was Uglier Than My Left Ken Nordine- Hunger Is From
Moldy Peaches- D.2. Boyfriend
Tom Waits- What’s He Building In There
Gary Wilson- 6.4 = Make Out
Bruce Perry- Daddy’s Curses*
Tom Waits- Whats He Building
Uri Geller- Come On Love

*Daddy’s Curses is a rare home tape recorded by Bruce’s 14 year old son in 1987. Its the disturbingly funny ranting of a father working in the garage, cussing incessantly at his frustration. Here is a link to experience the full verbal assault.

No. 5: Can the Dark Hurt You?

Herz Chain- Yukulele
Hifana- Uchinan Champroo
Micachu- Calculator
Bumblebeez 81- I’ve Come With Water
Daniel Johnston- Sorry Entertainer
The Hollies- The Air That I Breathe
Human Egg- Onomatopaeia
Ice-T- Drama
Piero Umiliani- Gadget
The Human League- Seconds
Asha Boshle w/ R.D. Burman- Dum Maro Dum Live
Hogs- Loose Lips Sync Ships
The Idle Race- Imposters Of Life’s Magazine
Red Sovine- If Jesus Came To Your House
The Inmates- Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go
Iggy & The Stooges – Shake Appeal
Hüsker Du- Beyond The Threshold
The Hong Kong- Mazerati
Hifana- Uchinan Champroo
Loscil- Ema
J_Davey- Dirty Love
Hungry Wives- It’s Over
The Howling Hex- Activity Risks
The Holy Modal Rounders- Hold On
The Human League- Hard Times
Kelley Polar- The Rooms in My House Have Many Parties
Caural- Auto Rickshaw
Micachu- Curly Teeth
Ratatat- Imperials
Honey Cone- Want Ads
Marijata- No Condition Is Permanent
Brigth Engelberts- Get Together
Irving Martin & Brian Dee- Deadline Destination
Michael Kelly Brewer–Lord, I Need A Drink

No. 4: Hello There

John Cale- Hello There
Daniel Johnston- Hi, How Are You?
Indian Jewelry- Hello Africa
The Cars- Hello Again
Mu- Hello Bored Biz Man
Conway Twitty- Hello Darlin’
Loretta Lynn- Hello Darlin’
Jean-Jacques Perrey- Hello Dolly
Ricardo Villalobos- Hello Halo
!!!- Hello Is This Thing On?
Juicy Lucy- Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham
Neil Young & Comrie Smith – Hello Lonely Woman
Paul McCartney & Wings- Hello, How Do You Like The Lyrics
Junior Senior- Hello
J Dilla aka Jay Dee- Hi
Karen O. & Squeak E. Clean- Hello Tomorrow
Super Furry Animals- Hello Sunshine
The Doors- Hello To The Cities
Stephen Stills- Hello, I’ve Returned
The White Stripes- Hello Operator
Ginuwine – Hello
Harum- Hello
Willie Nelson- Hello Walls
The Doors- Hello, I Love You
The Carter Family- Hello Stranger
James Taylor- Hello Old Friend
Kate Bush- Hello Earth
Ernest Tubb- Let’s Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello