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INXS “Guns in the Sky”

Record Club No. 4 is here…! Joining in this time we had three of my favorite bands— Liars, Annie Clark and Daniel Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes, as well as RC veteran Brian Lebarton, just back from the Charlotte Gainsbourg tour. The record covered this time was 1987 blockbuster ‘Kick’ by INXS. The record was chosen by fellow Aussie, Angus from the Liars. It was recorded in a little over 12 hours on March 3rd, 2010. It was an intense, hilarious, daunting and completely fun undertaking. Thanks to everybody for being there and putting so much into it. Many classic moments, inspired performances and occasional anarchy. We’ll post the songs consecutively in the album’s original sequence. First one up is “Guns In The Sky.”

Skip Spence “Grey/Afro”

Skip Spence “Lawrence of Euphoria”

Skip Spence “Dixie Peach Promenade”

Skip Spence “Books Of Moses”

Gadson lays down the heaviest RC beat ever, while Jamie loops his voice into a voice army and Brian plays some kind of octagon shaped synth.

Skip Spence “All Come To Meet Her”

Skip Spence “Broken Heart”

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