Velvet Underground & Nico “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

This week, our Icelandic friend Thorunn takes lead vocal duties for ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties,’ while Joey plays drums and casio at the same time and Chris happens upon a lute.

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  1. VU-Addicted says:

    this recording-club project is a great idea.
    keep up because you are really good musicians :)

    but the idea of covering a real great album was hmmm…
    because even the crappiest Norman Dolph Acetate compact-cassette-rip (even the 20th generation) sounds better then these emotionless versions.


  2. LowWater says:

    [b]VU-Addicted[/b], boy what a difference! You are, I’m guessing, a rather intense VU fan. Me, too. I love this album. The original. I also loved the 8-track, the cassette, the CD and the FLAC on my media player. You catch my drift. I found this interpretation absolutely riveting, something I haven’t thought or said since I saw Cowboy Junkies cover “Sweet Jane”.

    Give ‘er another listen. It’ not bad. One could argue that flat, two-dimensional catatonia is an emotion (just not a particularly vibrant one).

  3. Bobby D says:

    Well, too bad you guys crapped out on the intro

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